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As mountain tribes and raiders go, Tyrion Lannister’s Stone Crows are quite ordinary, save their unexpected loyalty. While pledged more to Tyrion’s coin than his person, they proved true to their word, even when betrayal might have been a more lucrative option. As mercenaries, these troops are worth their coin, if properly employed as scouts and flankers. Their light arms and armor make them unsuited to the front line in a protracted engagement.

  • FIERCE MERCENARIES: Command the loyalty of Tyrion Lannister's Stone Crows, a savage band of mercenaries ready to fight for the highest bidder.
  • STRATEGIC ADVANTAGE: Use the Stone Crows as scouts and flankers, hitting hard and replenishing their ranks quickly even in the heat of battle.
  • VERSATILE USAGE: Employ the Stone Crows across multiple Great Houses of Westeros, or let Tyrion lead them into battle as loyal Lannister units.
  • HIGHLY DETAILED MINIATURES: Each miniature is intricately crafted and pre-assembled, allowing for immediate gameplay and painting enjoyment.
  • EXPAND YOUR ARMY: Enhance your A Song of Ice & Fire tabletop experience with the Stone Crows Unit Box, adding depth and variety to your forces.


  • 12 Miniatures 
  • 2 Unit Cards
  • 1 Movement Tray