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The sea is a cruel and unforgiving place. Many a sailor have lost their lives in the briny depths. It makes sense that the religion of the region would focus on a maritime deity such as the Drowned God. Followers of his teachings are known as the Drowned Men. Armed with only found driftwood and armored only in their faith, their presence on the battlefield nonetheless bolsters House Greyjoy troops to fight on despite what would otherwise be mortal wounds. Faith alone keeps them fighting.

The Drowned Men unit box for the A Song of Ice and Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game gives House Greyjoy players several support units as well as a pair of support Unit Attachments for their armies. Each Drowned Men unit has multiple wounds and is resilient enough to not suffer wounds from enemies easily. They also bolster nearby Greyjoy units, giving them one of several possible buffs. Meanwhile, the Drowned Prophet Unit Attachments give some of the resilience of the Drowned Men to any unit into which they’re placed.